My Journey

Growing up in the small resource town of Campbell River, BC you were either playing Hockey, or on the bench. Being a small kid with cheap parents, I was neither.

My first Triathlon was the Comox Valley Tri-K at age 10 and it was a nice diversion from competitive swimming. At 13 after becoming disillusioned with my ever-growing competitors I decided to compete as a full-time Triathlete.

Yes, I enjoyed winning that much.

Raced Kids Of Steel, enjoyed the success and the time spent with my family.

The move to Junior Elite racing coincided with a move to Southern Vancouver Island and Triathlon mecca; Victoria, BC. I began training with the National Centre and started my journey as a high performance athlete.

I experienced more success as a junior, winning the Junior National Championships in 2010 and becoming the most successful Canadian Junior Male at the ITU Junior World Championships in the modern format. I really valued the opportunities to see the country and establish connections that few my age had experienced.

Entering elite racing has seen its ups and downs. Winning my first professional race at 19 was huge confidence boost and validation I was on the correct path. However I have been checkered with injuries that have hampered my ability to be consistent. However, I am constantly learning and I believe my best days are still to come.

While not training or competing I really enjoy kicking back with a Coffee and checking my twitter feed.

For real.

When my chapter in sport comes to a close I hope to be able to say I was a medalist at major games, enjoyed consistent success at the highest levels and was a leader within my sport.

I really value being able to connect with people while sharing my athletic journey. It is important for me as a publicly funded athlete to provide insight into my journey and hopefully inspire individuals to take up Triathlon as a part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Whether through speaking engagements, training workshops or guest coaching I am keen to lend my support when I am available. If this interests you do not hesitate to contact me.

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